At Timberlake we believe Scripture is totally sufficient to meet all of our needs.  2 Peter 1:3 states very clearly that God’s power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through the true knowledge of Himself.  We do not need to turn to secular theories on man or man’s own ideas about himself to solve emotional and spiritual problems.  We find all we need to know to counsel one another in the pages of God’s written Word.  True counseling happens when God’s Word is properly interpreted and applied to life.  Often this type of counseling is called Nouthetic Counseling.  There are several types of counseling available through TBC.

Premarital Counseling:  The guidelines for premarital counseling are available in the TBC marriage manual, which can be downloaded by clicking here.

Crisis Counseling:  Anyone without a normal church home or pastor can receive crisis counseling from one of our pastors.  The best way to set up an appointment is by calling the church office at 434-237-6464.

Long Term Counseling:  Long term counseling requires regular attendance in our public services.  If you desire the personal ministry of one of our pastors, you should also be under the public ministry of the Word of God.