Grace Walk

This Fellowship Group has a variety of members from those in their late 20’s to those in their 60’s but primarily includes parents of teenagers along with some "empty-nesters."

Our goal in Grace Walk is to study God’s precepts using inductive Bible study methods to develop practical ways to walk in grace daily.  Expository study of the Scripture focuses on observation (what does the Scripture say), interpretation (what does it mean), and application (how it applies in the life of the believer).

Our class has a fellowship at least once-per-quarter that typically is a family outing to a LU ballgame, a game night, or something involving food. Fellowship times are designed for the family and personal fellowship of getting to know each member of the class for support, fun, and development of scriptural relationships. 

Class members feel free to share their joys and burdens during the fellowship and prayer time.  Rather than a lecture style teaching during the lesson time, there is much discussion with insightful, comments and personal transparency.