Boundless: College Ministry of TBC

Welcome to the College Ministry of Timberlake Baptist Church!  We exist ultimately to bring honor and glory to our great and awesome God.  We do this by providing a place for college students and those in their 20’s to receive rich, biblical instruction, enjoy Christ-centered relationships, engage in passionate worship, and learn what it means to know and love God in the context of the local church.

In order to help college students and young singles engage in church life we emphasize three biblical goals for each person who comes to Boundless. These goals shape everything we do in ministry.

Come - It's amazing how many students disengage from church life during their college years. Since college is one of the most formative times of life, it's vital to be connected to a biblically based church and that means showing up to worship! Boundless meets at 9:15am on Sunday mornings in the old auditorium at TBC for singing, breakfast, and a Bible lesson. Then together we attend the main worship service at 10:30am with the rest of the church body at TBC. 

Connect - Attendance is great, but God calls us to get involved in the life of the church and that can't happen by just showing up once a week to church! Connecting to the church body means getting to know people by engaging in fellowship, speaking the truth in love, and walking through life together. In order to connect we provide a monthly REGROUP lunch immediately following church, various activities during the school year and discipleship and mentoring opportunities for students and singles with older church members. 

Contribute - While you are in college you need the church but the church also needs you! God has gifted each person in a unique way and we want each one involved in Boundless to utilize their gifts to equip and encourage the body of Christ. In order to help people contribute we provide Boundless Service Teams, opportunities in music ministry and children's ministry at TBC, as well as outreach opportunities in the community. 

We would love to have you join us

Nathan Williams, College Ministry Pastor